About Us

We have over 40 years experience in the local sea transportation industry as the sole ferry service provider between the domestic route Upolu - Savaii and international route Apia - Pago Pago American Samoa.

Samoa Shipping Corporation Limited (SSC) was established under the Companies Act 1955 (New Zealand) and in accordance with the provisions of the Samoa Ordinance 1935. Established as a State -Owned Enterprise by the government of Samoa on the 30th of December 1974, as a fundamental infrastructure to provide an enabling business environment for Savaii through efficient and reliable sea transportation. It operates vehicular and passenger and charter ferry services between Samoa, and neighboring islands.


We also provide other maritime related support services that are safe, reliable, environmentally friendly, climate resilient, cost effective and profitable in providing high returns to our shareholders. 

Our team is led by a very knowledgeable committed and passionate management team who effectively work towards ensuring our customers receive the best services available.